Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

It pays to plan ahead

Whether it’s for your retirement or your kids’ education, it pays to plan ahead for life’s big financial milestones. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) help you invest in the future by giving you real tax breaks, along with no custodial or maintenance fees.

Certain IRAs work better for different needs and different situations, so come talk to Jovia about the IRA option that’s right for you, or take a look at some of the options we offer.

Benefits of banking with Jovia

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Guaranteed High Rate

Choose a Jovia Certificate Account and lock in a guaranteed rate for terms from three months to five years. The minimum to open is just $100!

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Save Money

There are no custodial or maintenance fees on our IRA accounts, and there's no fee to transfer your IRA from another institution to us. That's money in your pocket!

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5-Day Rate Guarantee

With Jovia's 5-day rate guarantee*, don't worry if interest rates go up! If the rate increases within five calendar days of opening your account, you'll earn the higher rate until your certificates mature.

Rates & Terms




Minimum to Open

3-Month 2.00% 1.95% $100.00
6-Month 4.00% 3.87% $100.00
8-Month 5.00% 4.81% $100.00
1-Year 2.00% 1.95% $100.00
13-Month 4.70% 4.53% $100.00
18-Month 4.10% 3.96% $100.00
2-Year 3.00% 2.92% $100.00
25-Month 4.55% 4.39% $100.00
3-Year 3.25% 3.16% $100.00
40-Month 4.00% 3.87% $100.00
4-Year 3.50% 3.39% $100.00
5-Year 3.25% 3.16% $100.00

How do IRAs work?

Traditional IRA

  • Reduce your taxable income. You may be able to deduct the money you invest in a Traditional IRA each year from your taxable income, which can help reduce the amount of taxes you owe each year.

Roth IRA

  • Invest after-tax money. You won't get the initial tax deduction, but you can withdraw your contributions and earnings tax-free anytime after you turn 59½.

Education IRA

  • This is a tax-deferred savings plan that allows you to set aside money for a child's education.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the rate on your new Jovia Certificate or IRA Certificate increases within five (5) calendar days after you open your certificate account, we’ll increase your APY to meet the new, higher rate. Your certificate will earn the higher rate from the date the higher rate went into effect until the end of the certificate’s initial term.

A Certificate is a short or long-term investment vehicle that offers you safety, security, and a guaranteed high yield!

An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) Certificate works in the same way but allows eligible participants to set aside money for retirement. Speak to your tax advisor regarding your eligibility.

* APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY measures the total amount of dividends a credit union pays on an account based on the dividend rate and the frequency of compounding. APY is expressed as an annualized rate, based on a 365-day year (366-day year in a leap year), regardless of the actual term. APY assumes all dividends remain in the certificate until maturity. Subject to change without notice. Minimum balance requirements apply. No Credit Union penalties on withdrawals on IRA for normal IRA distributions. Consult a tax advisor regarding tax penalties for IRA withdrawals before age 59 ½. Penalties and fees may reduce earnings on accounts. Membership eligibility requirements apply. Ask for details. If the certificate rate increases within (5) five calendar days of the account opening, your certificate will earn the higher rate from the date the higher rate went into effect until the certificate’s maturity date. Only once may your rate increase. The dividend rate and annual percentage yield may increase. At renewal, your certificate will earn the rate on the day of maturity regardless of any future rate change.

± APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Also known as IRA Savers Dividend. Rates subject to change without notice. Fees and penalties may reduce earnings on the account. Consult with your tax advisor regarding tax deductibility. A minimum of $5 must be maintained in a Savings account to have access to all of our products and services.