Fees & Service Charges

Business Fee Schedule

Effective as of October 19, 2022. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Monthly Maintenance Fee

Free Business CheckingNo monthly fee
Business Checking with Interest$10.00 monthly maintenance fee
Business Earning Credit Checking$10.00 monthly maintenance fee*
Business Money Market$10.00 - Fee waived for average monthly balances over $2,500

Transaction Fees

Free Business CheckingFirst 350 free; $0.20 per item thereafter
Business Checking with Interest$0.10 per item 1-200; $0.20 per item thereafter
Business Earning Credit Checking$0.10 per item 1-200; $0.20 per item thereafter*
Telephone Payments (with Call Center) from an external account$5.00

Savings Products

Business Savings & Business Money MarketAn excess savings transaction fee (also known as Regulation D) will be charged if the savings account exceeds six pre-authorized, electronic, or automated telephone transfers/withdrawals per month from a savings account. - $10.00 each

Remote Deposit

Small Volume - Single Feed Scanner:
Set up fee (one time fee)FREE
Monthly maintenance$40.00*
Per item (based on previous month's activity)$0.15*
Large Volume - Multi Batch Scanner:
Set up fee (one time fee)$50.00*
Monthly maintenance$75.00*
Per item (based on previous month's activity)$0.15*

Cash Management Fees

Company Set-up$125.00*
Wire Priviledge
Monthly Maintenance

$10.00 per month*
Outgoing Wire

$20.00 per item*
$30.00 per item*
Company ACH Priviledge
Monthly maintenance
ACH Origination fee
ACH Origination Return fee

$50.00 per month*
$0.30 per item*
$8.00 per item*

Subpoena Fee Schedule

Research Subpoena fee$75.00
Search and process of Subpoena$10.00/hr
Tax documents$0.25/item
Transaction tickets$0.25/item
ONUS items$0.25/item
Transit items$0.25/item
Signature card$0.25/item
Wire copy$0.25/item
Statement copy$1.00/statement

Other Activities

Abandoned Property Processing Fee$50.00
ATM WithdrawalsFREE at all Jovia owned ATMs, King Kullen ATMs, and thousands of Allpoint ATMs
All other ATMs: $1 per withdrawal*
ATM Inquiries at Non-Jovia ATM Locations.75 per inquiry*
Cash Withdrawals1% over $10,000*
Cash Deposited1% over $10,000*
Cash Management Basic PackageFREE
Automatic Overdraft Transfer From Any Deposit Account or Business Overdraft Line to Checking$3.00
Item Returned Unpaid or Check Paid via Courtesy Payment (per item)$30.00
VISA Debit Transactions via Courtesy Payment (per item)$10.00
Early Account Closure Fee (If closed within 30 days of opening)$15.00
Stop Payments (per 6-month request)$30.00*
Dormant Account Monthly Fee (per account)$10.00
Account Research$20.00 per hour*
Returned Deposited Item (per item)$8.00*
Official Checks (payable to third party)$8.00*
Money Order (per item)$3.00
Outgoing Wire (Branch Staff Assisted)

Incoming Wire

$5.00 per item*
$5.00 per item*
Faxed Wire Transfer (conducted via online form) - Outgoing within and outside Continental U.S. and International (per wire)$50.00*
Copy of Check (Personal Check, Bill Payment Check, Teller's Check, Money Order, or Deposited Check.)$5.00*
Copy of Statement (per statement)$5.00*
Rolled Coin (per roll purchased)$0.10*
Replacement of Debit Card$10.00*
Verification of Account Letter$15.00*
Garnishment/Levy/Other Legal Processes$100.00*
Notary (per document)FREE
Temporary Counter Checks (aka Starter Checks)
(8 FREE at account opening)
$2.00/sheet of 4*
Coin-Counting Machine (per day)
Amounts less than $500
Amounts over $500

10% of amount over $500
Business Site Visit$100.00

Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

* Fees are balance compensable on the Business Earning Credit Checking Account