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Shift gears to a lower rate

When it’s time to jump in the car and hit the open road, turn to Jovia for some help with your route. Whether it’s a brand new convertible that’s just for you or a practical sedan for the whole family, come to Jovia for an auto loan when you’ve found the perfect set of wheels. Or, if you’re just starting to browse, let us help you research, and find your perfect ride.

Jovia can make your dream car a reality at the best rate with ease and convenience.

Benefits of borrowing from Jovia

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Keep monthly payments low

Enjoy a competitively low rate and focus on paying off your auto loan. With gas prices being as unpredictable as they are, you can always rely on low monthly payments from Jovia!

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Get approved quickly

Get the green light for your next auto loan before heading to the dealership with our online application.

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Find a term that fits

Pay for your car on your schedule with a variety of auto loan terms, up to 8 years on new vehicles, or 7 years on used vehicles.1 At Jovia Financial, it’s all up to you!

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Shop with confidence

Access our trusted dealer network, which will help you find, test, and purchase your next car with confidence and the financing you need to hit the open road.

Driving clean earns you green!

Receive a $100 cash bonus when you finance your electric or hybrid vehicle with Jovia*. It’s time to take charge and hit the open road. Get rewarded for revving your new ride.

2021-2025 Rates & Terms

Looking for a used car loan? No problem! Our credit union car loan interest rates and terms for cars sold between 2012-2020 can be found here.1



Monthly Payment3

12 Months 6.780% $86.44
24 Months 6.780% $44.68
36 Months 6.780% $30.78
48 Months 6.780% $23.85
60 Months 6.780% $19.70
72 Months 7.120% $17.11
84 Months 7.570% $15.38
96 Months 8.570% $14.44

Cars... buy 'em or lease 'em

Jo from Jovia presents a question-and-answer session about which option is best based on your needs when it comes to cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! We can save you a bundle of money when you refinance your vehicle loan with us! You can apply online, over the phone, or at any branch. Make sure to have your VIN #, vehicle year, make, and model handy when you apply so we can provide the rate you qualify for.

Once you are approved, you will have to provide a payoff letter from the current finance company, an insurance binder listing us as lien holder, and a copy of the vehicle title. These items are required to disburse the loan.

Our insurance clause differs depending on the loan type.

Mortgage or Home Equity:
Jovia Financial It's Successors and/or Assigns
P.O. Box 924302
Ft. Worth, TX 76124

Auto Loan:
Jovia Financial
P.O. Box 924302
Ft. Worth, TX 76124

Auto Lease:
Fusion AF/Jovia Financial
P.O. Box 924302
Ft. Worth, TX 76124

Absolutely! It is helpful to apply for your auto loan before you shop to determine how much you are eligible for. Once you apply, you will be given a pre-approval and the rate and terms of your loan will depend on the vehicle you choose.

The maximum term on our car loans varies and is based upon the age of the vehicle. For new cars, we offer loan terms up to 102 months and for used cars we offer loan terms up to 90 months.

Looking to pay off your loan? For Personal Loans, Mortgage Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit, and Auto Loans contact us or visit your local branch to request an official Payoff Letter!

Do you have your lease with us? We can help with questions regarding payment history and the number of remaining payments.

Questions regarding Lease Buyout or Lease Payoff letters should go directly to:

Fusion Auto Finance
1320 Tennis Dr
Bedford, TX 76022
(866) 870-8015

You can also email Fusion Auto Finance at [email protected]

We're sorry to hear your car was totaled or stolen, but we're glad to see that you're ok! When it comes to accidents or theft of your vehicle, you'll want to report the information to your insurance company as soon as it is safe to do so. It's best to do it immediately, but your safety should come first.
Please note, you are still responsible for any balance that remains after the payout from the insurance company (and GAP Insurance Claim if applicable) has been received.

A Letter of Guarantee request, with claim information on insurance company documentation, can be submitted via email to [email protected] or faxed to (516) 714-2831. The request must include the following information:
  • The vehicle's VIN (vehicle identification number)
  • Insurance company’s claim number
  • Payout amount for the vehicle

Once the request is received, we will forward the Letter of Guarantee within 2 business days. It’s important that you continue to make your scheduled payments until we receive payment from your insurance company. This will ensure that your credit is not adversely affected.

Looking to buyout your Jovia auto lease? Look no further! We've partnered with Novak Motors to ensure a seamless buyout process

  • Contact the Lease Buyout department at Novak Motors by phone at (631) 787-7400 to discuss your options and financing terms.
  • Complete your credit application online here and receive a decision within 24 hours.

1 Jovia Financial will finance vehicles from 2012 and newer. The minimum vehicle loan amount for a 6-year term is $15,000; the minimum for a 7-year term is $25,000, and the minimum for an 8-year term is $30,000. Not all borrowers will qualify for the 96-month financing. In order to qualify, the borrower must maintain a credit score of 670 or higher. Only new vehicles will qualify for an 8-year term with a maximum loan-to-value equal to 100%.

2 APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All loan types, rates, and terms are based on an applicant's credit history and are subject to change without notice. Not all applicants may be approved.

3 Monthly payment per $1,000 borrowed.

4 This is an estimate based on the information you provide and we do not guarantee the accuracy of these results. This example is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment by Jovia Financial to lend. To apply for an Auto Loan, you will need to complete an application and provide additional details.

* Offer available for new and existing Jovia starting July 1, 2022. All loans are subject to credit approval. Cash bonus will post automatically to the members’ checking or share up to 30 days after loan funding. Cash bonus will be reported as income on IRS form 1099-INT. Cash bonus is limited to one per loan application while supplies last. Membership eligibility requirements apply. Rates are subject to change without notice. All promotional offers can be withdrawn at any time and are subject to change without notice. Employees, volunteers, and affiliates of Jovia and their immediate families are not eligible. Jovia and its agencies assume no responsibility or liability for damages, losses or injury resulting from acceptance or use of any gift.

Jovia does not finance vehicles used for delivery, commercial, livery, taxicab or rideshare purposes. Jovia will not finance vehicles with salvaged or gray market titles. Vehicles financed by Jovia are for personal use only.