Checking Accounts

Bring balance back to your checkbook

You deserve better than a bank that will charge you fees just to handle your money. You deserve free checking with no minimum balance requirements, no monthly fees, no minimum balance to open, and access to over 55,000 fee-free ATMs worldwide.

We know you work hard to maintain your account balances - that’s why we help you keep more of that money in your credit union checking account, instead of paying maintenance fees and service charges1.

Checking Accounts

At Jovia, we know one size doesn't fit all.
That's why we have a variety of checking accounts for members to choose from to best suit their financial needs.

Say goodbye to overdraft and NSF fees

CareFree Checking

With CareFree Checking**, you can be worry-free when it comes to those pesky overdraft fees. We know you don't need another fee, so we got rid of them.
Woo hoo! So, if your debit card charge, online payment, or check payment exceeds your available balance, we won't hit you with a penalty fee. It's one less hassle to worry about so you can get back to doing the things you need to do.

  • No minimum balance fees
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No overdraft fees

And that's not all there is to enjoy! Your first set of checks? Those are free!5 Ready to get started?

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Earning interest is as easy as 1-2-3

Go Green Checking

With Go Green Checking, you can earn a special bonus rate on checking account balances up to $25,000 each month when you:

  • Spend $250 on everyday purchases (like buying groceries) using your debit card.
  • Sign up to receive paperless statements within online banking or our mobile app.
  • Deposit $100 into your checking account with direct or mobile deposit, or pay at least one bill using Bill Pay each month.
  • And your first set of checks? Those are free!5

Ready to start earning? With online and mobile banking, you can track your monthly progress with the Jovia mobile app, or through online banking. Plus, we’ll give you up to $20 per month in ATM rebates at non-Jovia ATMs when you meet these requirements each month.

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Go Green Checking Rates




Minimum to Earn

Balances ≤ $25,000.00 3.500% 3.446% $5.00
Balances ≥ $25,000.01 0.100% 0.100% $25,000.01

Benefits of banking with Jovia

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Cut the pesky fees

Never worry about having to pay a monthly maintenance fee for your checking account or keeping a minimum balance to avoid one.

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Move money easily

Get credit union convenience without ever leaving home. You can deposit checks, send money with Zelle®, or pay bills anywhere, anytime within online banking or the Jovia mobile app.

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Access cash anywhere

Enjoy fee-free cash deposits and withdrawals from your checking account at over 55,000 Allpoint® Network ATMs worldwide2.

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Save as You Spend

Round up purchases and save with Stash My Cash

With Stash My Cash, every time you use your Jovia debit card, we’ll round up your purchase to the nearest whole dollar and drop the spare change into a separate account. It’s like a virtual change jar.

Quickly save money for holiday gifts, the college fund, someone special like kids or grandkids, or anything else.

Have questions? We have answers!

Ready to get started?

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Early Direct Deposit

Faster access to your cash

Setting up direct deposit with your employer is the fastest way to get your paycheck into your checking account. But did you know that when you sign up for direct deposit to a Jovia account, you might have the money sooner than you expected? If you're looking for a credit union that offers early direct deposit, look no further!

How does Early Direct Deposit work?

With Jovia’s Early Direct Deposit3, if your employer sends your payroll to Jovia early, you might find your paycheck in your checking account up to two days earlier than you expected it. So, if your payday is Friday, you might find that paycheck in your account on Wednesday. Score!

There’s no fee – it’s free. It’s just another bonus of banking on the bright side with Jovia.

How to get Early Direct Deposit

No sign-up or enrollment is needed. If you have direct deposit set up, you’re good to go! You’ll get access to your pay as soon as we receive your direct deposit information from your employer, up to two days early.

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Overdraft Protection

Because nobody's perfect

Mistakes happen from time to time, but when they involve your checking account, it’s nice to know you have a back-up. That’s where Jovia's SafetyLine4 comes in to bail you out.

Jovia’s SafetyLine is a low variable rate revolving line of credit that is linked directly to your Checking account. With this overdraft protection, you can:

  • Avoid inconvenient overdraft fees
  • Escape the embarrassment of a bounced check
  • Eliminate declined debit card transactions
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Frequently asked questions

If you meet all of the minimum account requirements for a Go Green checking account you will receive the current bonus interest rate on balances up to $25,000. The balance calculation is based on many factors, including the average end-of-day account balance and the number of days in each month.

The calculation used to obtain interest is: (interest rate% / number of days in the current year) multiplied by the average end-of-day balance of the account for the month in question multiplied by the number of days in the month.

There are thousands of locations where you can access your money surcharge-free. Get or deposit cash at any of our credit union ATMs or at thousands of Allpoint® ATM's nationwide.

Find an ATM

Plus, if you have a Go Green Checking Account and meet the account requirements, we'll reimburse you up to $20 per month for any out-of-network ATM fees you may incur!

To reorder checks online:

  • Sign into Online Banking
  • Click on the Additional Services from the menu
  • Select Check Reorder
  • Choose the account for which you wish to order checks
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to complete your order

Yes, all Go Green requirements are waived during the first month the account is opened, and bonus interest will be paid. All three requirements including Visa debit usage, direct deposit/bill pay, and paperless statement enrollment must be fulfilled by the 28th of the following month to earn the bonus interest.

You can keep track of your Go Green bonus by checking your progress within Online & Mobile Banking.

The process for reporting fraud is dependent on the type of transaction within your account. Please refer to the following to determine which report is required for you to complete.

Credit Cards: If you are reporting fraudulent transactions involving your credit card, please call us at (800) 252-1164.

Debit Cards: If you are reporting fraudulent transactions involving your debit card, please complete the Visa® Fraud Form.

Check Fraud: If you are reporting a transaction involving a fraudulent check, please complete the Fraudulent Check Form.

ACH (Electronic Payment) Fraud: If you are reporting a transaction that was taken from your account electronically, please use the Unauthorized Withdrawal Form.

Zelle Fraud: If you are reporting fraudulent transactions involving Zelle, please contact us immediately at (516) 561-0030.

Bill Pay Fraud: If you are reporting a transaction that was taken from your account through Jovia Bill Pay, please contact us immediately at (516) 561-0030.

We take our member's security very seriously. If you feel there was an unauthorized transaction on your account, we are committed to investigating your claim.

Debit or Credit Card (DBT/POS) transaction

Many times disputes can be resolved quickly by contacting the merchant directly. If you are unable to resolve the dispute with the merchant, you can file your dispute with us.

  • Debit Cards: Please complete the Visa® Charge Dispute Form and submit it electronically. Any additional information such as receipts that may assist in resolving the dispute, should be indicated on the form. Disputes can take up to 60 days to resolve.
  • Credit Cards: Please call us at (800) 252-1164 to dispute a credit card transaction.
Unauthorized Withdrawal (ACH/non-debit or credit)

If you are on an account with another individual, consult with them first to verify that he/she did not authorize the withdrawal. If the withdrawal was not authorized by any of the account owners, please complete an Unauthorized Withdrawal Form.

If the fraudulent transaction involved a check, a police report is required along with a Fraudulent Check Form. Documents should be forwarded to the Sharedraft Administrator in Deposit Operations for further processing.

Documents must be received with 60 days of the item being presented to the account to receive provisional credit.

If your Visa® Debit Card was stolen, or you just misplaced it and need a new one, you can:

  • Visit a Branch to cancel the lost or stolen card and have a new debit card issued to you instantly.
  • Call us at (516) 561-0030 to cancel the lost or stolen card. Once your card has been reported as lost or stolen and canceled, a new card will be mailed to you within 4-5 days. If you are reporting a card as lost or stolen after regular business hours, please call (800) 252-1164. If you are traveling internationally and are reporting a card as lost or stolen after regular business hours, you can call us at (531) 233-6215.

In the event of fraud, we also ask that you complete our Visa® Fraud Form.

Do you have a nickname or shortname you go by that you would prefer to have on your debit or credit card? At Jovia, you can! Just complete this form and we will order you a new card with your preferred name on it.

Preferred Name Card Agreement Form

Please note: Jovia is not responsible for merchant declinations because of the use of a preferred name.

1 For all accounts except for CareFree Checking, your account may be charged up to 6 NSF/UCF per calendar month. If more than 6 NSF/UCF occur during the calendar month, additional NSF/UCF will be waived.

2 Allpoint® ATMs are fee-free for cash deposits and withdrawals only. Other fees may apply. For more information, please refer to our fee schedule.

3 Early Direct Deposit of regular periodic payments (such as salary, pension, or government benefits) may be available to you up to 2 days earlier than the payer’s scheduled payment date. This feature depends on timing of the payer’s submission of ACH deposits so it may not always arrive early as it depends on the timing of your payer’s payment instructions. Certain non-payroll and tax payments are not eligible for early direct deposit.

4 Offers of credit are subject to credit approval. Not all applicants may be approved.

5 Free first order of standard checks for new accounts only.

* APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Must meet account qualifications to earn APY and ATM fee reimbursements. When qualifications are met, earn 3.50% APY on balances up to $25,000 and earn 0.10% on balances over $25,000. Limited to one per member. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

** This checking account will not earn interest. No minimum balance requirements apply to this account. No transaction limitations apply to this account unless otherwise stated in the Common Features section. No NSF will be charged on this account. Please see our fee schedule for fees that may apply to this account.

+ Offer available for new, first-time Go Green and CareFree Checking accounts with a qualifying recurring minimum direct deposit of $100 in the checking account within 60 days of account opening. This must be your first checking account with Jovia Financial Credit Union. Members with current or prior checking accounts are not eligible for the cash bonus. Qualifying direct deposits are regular, periodic automated clearing house (ACH) credits, which may include payroll, salary, pension, or government payments (such as Social Security). Person-to-person transfers, check deposits, external bank ACH transfers, or other electronic money transfers, such as those made through PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or others, do not qualify as direct deposit. Cash bonus will post automatically to the members’ checking account 30 days after requirements are met and will be reported as income on IRS form 1099-INT. Membership eligibility requirements apply. Rates subject to change without notice. All promotional offers can be withdrawn at any time and are subject to change without notice. Employees, volunteers, and affiliates of Jovia and their immediate families are not eligible. Jovia and its agencies assume no responsibility or liability for damages, losses or injury resulting from acceptance or use of any gift. Existing accounts and submitted applications do not qualify for promotional offers.