Secured Loans

Get back on track

A bad credit rating makes life harder. And getting your credit started, or back up to good health isn’t easy either! So, here’s a solution: use what you have to build your credit.

At Jovia, you can use your savings account as collateral to repair or establish your credit through a secured personal loan. It’s simple, easy, and secure.

Benefits of borrowing from Jovia

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Rebuild your credit

If you have money in your savings account, you can borrow against those funds and pay back your loan over time, which helps establish or re-establish your credit quickly and easily. It’s a simple way to get back on track and make your future better.

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Grow your savings

Your savings are not just sitting idle as collateral. They earn interest while securing the loan. So, while you’re getting back on track, you’re building savings to come back even stronger than before.

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All loan types, rates, and terms are subject to change without notice.