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Should I buy a house now?

To buy or rent a home? It’s a question many Long Islanders face when choosing where to live. Everyone has an opinion, but only you can decide what’s best for you. Since no two situations are alike, the choice to buy a home now or in the future is personal. Before you sign your next lease or hit the pavement house hunting, learn the key factors you should consider before buying a home.

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Borrowing | Personal Loan

What can I use a personal loan for?

Thinking about applying for a personal loan, but you’re unsure what you can use it for? You’re not alone. Personal loans are flexible and can be used for just about anything. Learn the common situations a personal loan can be used for and how it can help you financially.

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The smartest way to pay off student loans

While some believe the experience of a college education is priceless, those with student loan debt may not agree. Whether you’re about to start making student loan payments or you have been trying to make a dent in the amount you owe for years, these tips on to how to pay off student loans can help you determine the best way to pay off your loans faster. What an exciting thought!

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Advice | Credit Union Benefits

How to join a credit union

Looking for a place to stash your cash and wondering if a credit union is right for you? Credit unions offer great rates, personalized service, and are usually located where you live and work. This article will explain how to join a credit union and what it means to be a member at Jovia.

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Budgeting | Savings Account

How to save for a wedding

Planning a wedding in the near future? Congratulations! This is an exciting time full of new beginnings, arrangements to coordinate, and expenses to consider. Our guide will explain how to set a wedding budget and open a savings account, so you can start saving for your walk down the aisle.

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