Youth Accounts

Good habits start early

Learning how to save and spend responsibly can make a big difference in a child’s life, and yours! Our youth accounts can help the kids in your life lay the foundation of future financial success.

We offer two great youth programs that teach children how to manage money through age-appropriate tools while earning a great rate. Open a Dollar Dog Kids Account for kids ages 10 and under, or an Elements Teen Club account for kids 11-17.

Visit a branch near you and get them started today!

Benefits of saving with Jovia

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Start saving with $5

We make it easy for you to start the kids in your life off saving - it only takes $5.00 to open an account. And, with our Dollar Dog Kids Club Account, we’ll match the first $5.00 deposited.*

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Earn more interest

Dollar Dog Kids Club Accounts and Elements Teen Accounts earn a competitive 1.00% APY^ on their entire account balance.

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Manage money anywhere, anytime

Kids and teens can access funds at branch locations or through Online and Mobile Banking – it’s easy and free. Plus, simplify savings and watch balances grow with automatic deposits or transfers.

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Stash a little cash

With Jovia’s Stash My Cash feature, you can deposit the spare change from your Jovia debit card purchases right into their youth savings account. So, go ahead… get the latte and toss the change in the college fund.

Grow a Financial Pro with Curio

It’s never too early to help your child build strong saving and spending habits. Paired with our Youth Accounts, Curio serves as a reward system and motivator for young members to make smart financial decisions.

We want to help make learning about money fun, and what better way than with a tool made just for them!

With Curio, Jovia’s exclusive app, kids can earn money when they complete chores around the house and get good grades. In the app, kids can watch financial education videos, choose their Curio avatar, and keep track of the chores they complete.

Through Curio, young members are able to:

Manage Money

Request money, make transfers, and use their own debit card for purchases. That's right, members 11 or older, can get a Curio debit card and you can set spending limits and transaction alerts for every purchase.

Build a Budget

Create and track savings goals, including monthly bills and deposits.

Earn Rewards

Emphasize the value of money by completing chores and tasks for rewards.

Borrow Money

Learn about lending, interest, and making loan payments in a fun, interactive way.

Get started today

Log in to Online Banking and look for Curio to enroll.

Don’t have a Youth Account? Visit one of our branch locations to open one today!

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With their very own Jovia account and the Curio app, they’ll be a financial pro in no time.

Current Rates




Minimum to Earn APY^

Dollar Dog Kids Account 1.01% 1.00% $5.89
Elements Teen Account•• 1.01% 1.00% $5.89

Ready, set, start saving!

You can never be too young to begin saving. In fact, the sooner children open a youth savings account, the better their chances of learning good habits for saving money, as explained by Jo and her new assistant, Joseph. (And remember – his name is “Joseph.”)


Savings accounts for children

Saving for a child’s future is always a good idea, and it’s never too early to start. In this article we explain how to open a youth savings account for the children in your life, the key features to look for, and how to get started.

Questions? We have answers!

Yes. To set up a Dollar Dog Kid's Club Account for online statements, you will first need to set up an Online Banking account.

Once an Online Banking account has been created, you can access online statements by:

  • Sign in to Online Banking
  • Select Online Statements and Tax Docs from the menu
  • You will be presented with a brief disclosure. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you will have access to your current and previous months statements. Up to 24 months of account statements will be available to you.

Our Elements Account, specifically designed for children ages 11 to 17, is a great way to teach your child the basics of sound money management. Once you open this account, your child will become a member of our Elements Teen Club, and become eligible for a free checking account and Visa® Debit Card.

Please note that a parent, legal guardian, or adult family member must be joint on the account for children 16 years old and younger.

The Curio program encourages kids, teens, and young adults to learn how to save money and build strong financial habits first-hand through an interactive tool available in Online Banking and the Jovia Mobile app. Curio allows parents to assign tasks to young savers and financially reward them for successfully completing tasks, getting good grades, and making good financial decisions by easily transferring money from their own Jovia account to their child’s.

Parents can also lend their child money, pay them an allowance, and send them spending money through this simple tool. For every good financial decision your child makes, they’ll be awarded a trophy!

Learn more about Curio here.

To enroll in Curio, both the parent and child(ren) must have an active account in good standing at Jovia. To open an account, visit any Jovia branch location. The parent must enroll the child within Online Banking by clicking on the "Curio" widget.

It is preferred that young members have their own Online Banking credentials, but parents can also mark tasks complete and submit requests on their child’s behalf through their online profile.

^APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

* Dollar Dog and Elements Teen Savings account require $5 initial deposit. $5 deposit match on Dollar Dog accounts will be made within 45 days of account opening.

Dollar Dog account requires a $5 initial deposit. Dollar Dog is a registered trademark of Marketing Partners. A parent, legal guardian, or an adult member of the child's family must be a joint owner on the Dollar Dog Savings account, the Jovia Free Checking account and/or Visa® Debit Card for teens under the age of 17.

•• Elements Teen Savings account requires a $5 initial deposit. Minimum balance to earn APY is based on a 30-day month.