What is a credit freeze and how do I remove a credit freeze from my credit report?

When you place a security freeze, or a credit freeze, on your credit report, you prevent everyone from accessing your credit report. It prevents lenders from viewing your Credit Report, and in turn, keeps identity thieves from opening accounts in your name until you choose to lift the freeze.

If you're experiencing identity theft and you are thinking about putting a freeze on your credit report, you will want to contact each of the three credit reporting agencies to freeze your credit as the companies do not communicate with each other in regard to freezes. For example, if you freeze your credit with TransUnion, it can still be viewed via Equifax.

When you request a freeze, you will be given a PIN or password. To remove the freeze, either temporarily or permanently, you'll need to contact the specific credit reporting company where you placed the freeze and provide the PIN or password. At that time, you can choose to lift the freeze for a specific period of time or permanently.

If you have recently applied for a loan with the Credit Union and you have a credit freeze, please let us know once you have removed the freeze so that we can continue processing your application. To protect your identity, the Credit Union will not provide a loan to an individual with a freeze on their credit.

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