Jovia Financial Credit Union is getting members and non-members "all charged up" with new electric vehicle charging stations, available free to the public, located just outside the newly redesigned Westbury branch.

With the installation of the new charging stations, owners of electric vehicles can pull into the Jovia branch and juice up their cars at no cost. Drivers will need to first download the free ChargePoint app before plugging in to the chargers.

The Westbury Jovia branch is located at 1000 Corporate Drive in Westbury. The 10 charging stations are located in specially designated parking spaces in the branch’s parking lot toward the Northwest corner of the building.

“We’re well on our journey to be a much ‘greener’ organization, and these charging stations not only help our cause, but also enable more Long Islanders to go green,” said Renu Dalessandro, chief marketing officer of Jovia Financial Credit Union. “Given the scarcity of electric vehicle charging stations, these chargers should be well utilized by the growing number of electric cars on Long Island.”

Those pulling in to the Jovia parking lot will likely notice an eye-catching lime green electric car parked near the charging stations. The vehicle is the credit union’s first electric car in its fleet and is used for all messenger and delivery activities.