Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

Personal assistance where you least expect it

Have you ever found yourself at an ATM wishing you could do a little bit more? Now you don’t have to, with Jovia’s Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs). ITMs look a bit like ATMs, but allow you to do so much more because unlike an ATM, you can interact with a real live teller while performing your transaction!

Think of it as FaceTime for your finances, or Skyping your own accountant. Our Live Tellers are there to help and give you that age-old personalized service you expect from your credit union.

Chat with the Locals

Like the rest of the credit union, our live tellers are local, so you can always expect that familiar, friendly service when need to drop them a line. They can answer your questions, help you do your banking, or just say hello and talk about the score of last night’s game.


You decide how you want to use our ITMs. You can opt for self-service and use as an ATM, or get some help with your transaction by connecting with one of our friendly tellers. The choice is yours!

Extended Hours

Our ITM tellers are available for extended hours in the evening and on Saturdays until mid-day, so you can speak to a teller even when the branch may be closed.

Facetime for your finances

With Jovia's ITMs, you have access to real, live, Jovia Tellers through video chat.
Learn how to use our ITMs by watching this video.