Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

Personal assistance where you need it most

Have you ever wished for a banking service option that combined the convenience of an ATM with the personal service of a live teller? Wish no longer, because Jovia has introduced the Interactive Teller Machine (ITM)! With Jovia’s ITMs, you can interact with a real live teller while performing your transactions.

Think of it as FaceTime for your finances or Skyping your own accountant, but with an added layer of security and practicality. Our live tellers are there to help provide you with the friendly and personalized service you’ve come to expect from Jovia.

All About Our ITMs

Enjoy enhanced convenience and greater privacy.

Friendly service, just virtual!

Speak with a Jovia teller, virtually! Our ITMs allow you to use live video in our branch to connect with our tellers. But don't worry, even though it's virtual you can expect that same familiar, friendly service when you need.

You choose how you want to connect

You decide how you want to use our ITMs. You can opt for self-service and use it as an ATM, or get some help with your transaction by connecting with one of our live tellers.

Bank beyond business hours

We know how much you rely on real help from a real teller, so our ITM machines are available for extended hours in the evening and on Saturdays until mid-day. You can speak to a teller during these times even if your branch is closed.

Facetime for your finances

With Jovia's ITMs, you have access to real, live, Jovia Tellers through video chat.
Learn how to use our ITMs by watching this video.

Interactive Teller Machines, or ITMs, allow you to interact with a live, personal teller on-screen face-to-face. Using a video camera and microphone in the ITM, your video and audio is transmitted to our Member Contact Center in Uniondale, NY. Cameras and microphones at our Member Contact Center transmit your interactive teller's image and voice back to you. It's just like Facetime or Skype, except you can deposit money and check balances, or, better yet, get money!

Our ITM branches are fully staffed with an expert team of member service representatives who can provide you with a cashier's check, money order or draft. However, our ITMs do not provide these items yet.

No problem! Each ITM station has a telephone next to the machine, simply pick it up and you'll have instant privacy talking to your Interactive Teller on the phone.

Yes! And, there's a bonus! You can make your withdrawal one of two ways! The machines function as ITMs and ATMs; so if you're feeling a little camera shy, you can use the machine as an ATM and just withdraw your cash and be on your way. Want to say hello to our Interactive Tellers or have a quick question? Well, then we've got you covered, too! We always think it's nice when someone gives you money, so why not have an Interactive Teller send it to you.
The ITM technology is all about providing you with options and tools to improve your banking experience, even if you're just dropping in for some cash!

All of our Interactive Tellers work out of our Member Contact Center located in Uniondale, NY. As our branch network continues to grow and we adopt ITM technology at a growing number of branches, we will hire more Interactive Tellers to best serve our Credit Union members, while supporting job growth here on Long Island.