Jovia's Financial Literacy Program in partnership with Adelphi University provides on-campus education and training to help students, faculty, staff and members of the community strengthen their short-term and long-term financial security. Adelphi students who receive the training can share their skills by providing financial literacy education to high school students across Long Island.

“Nothing speaks to our heritage more than supporting education at every level, and this partnership with our neighbors at Adelphi underscores our commitment to not only expanding the financial literacy of area students and faculty, but ultimately will help strengthen their financial security moving forward,” said John Deieso, president and CEO of Jovia Financial Credit Union. “We’re excited to work with Adelphi on making a difference across the island.”

The first Jovia Financial Literacy Workshop for Adelphi students was led by Ganesh Pandit, Associate Professor of Accounting and Law at Adelphi, with Deieso as featured speaker. The program provided about 50 participating students with the basic knowledge and skills of managing their money effectively and building a foundation for sound financial health.

Adelphi University business students and staff conducted their first financial literacy presentation to Uniondale High School students on December 16th. The event consisted of 8 workshop sessions taught by Adelphi University students Rachel Foley, Ivana Pitino, Joanne Pezas , Ashis Maloo and Adelphi Professor Ganesh Pandit. Jovia’s Peter Purpura and Joe Prinzo pictured above were on hand supporting this great program.