Chapter 01 / 04

Chapter 01 / 04

How Jovia became like family to Mary

In March 1973, at the age of 40, with four young children at home, Mary became a widow. Two years later, in 1975, she found a job as a second-grade teacher in a Long Island school district. This is where her story with us begins. Jovia, whose connection to educators goes back to the very beginning of the credit union in 1938, was about to help Mary and become her partner in helping her lead her life.

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Looking for a new financial partner

On her first payday, a colleague offered to drive Mary to local Jovia branch office. Only thing was, Mary wasn't a member. She banked at a different bank. "I didn't even know what a credit union was," Mary recalls. The colleague grabbed her hand and said, "I'll explain while we're driving." Mary opened her first share account with just $5. The representative smiled as she handed Mary her first deposit slip.

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Building long-lasting memories

"I remember the day fondly", Mary says, "there was such a feeling of trust." On her second visit, Mary opened up accounts for her four children. All of her kids here on Long Island, as well as several of Mary's grandchildren still bank with Jovia. This means the world.

Over the years, Mary has trusted Jovia for a lot. When her roof leaked, she got a home improvement loan. She also opened a holiday and vacation club account. When her children began to drive, there were car loans available at great rates. And, of course, there were student loans for college and a personal loan for her daughter's wedding.

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Now retired for almost 20 years, Mary continues to trust and rely on Jovia. She knows Jovia associates by their first name and is always greeted by her name, too. We are proud to know Mary.

"They are most gracious to me," Mary says. "Jovia is like a member of my family. I will never retire from my credit union."

We love having you in the family, Mary.

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