Chapter 01 / 04

Chapter 01 / 04

Taking business to new heights

Small businesses and their owners know that they require more than passion and ideas to be successful. Greg is a life-long resident of Long Island and a successful business owner. However, it wasn't until recently that he made the switch to Jovia.

About two-and-a-half years ago, Greg developed a relationship with the business loan manager at his local Jovia branch and was really impressed by the level of service he received in setting up his business loan.

Chapter 02 / 04

Service that made a difference

Greg eventually switched all of his business accounts to Jovia, but it was only when it came time for a mortgage to buy his home that Greg came to fully understand the Jovia difference.

"When I needed the mortgage, the same loan manager helped me out. He took care of everything. He really came to the rescue," Greg says now. Jovia understood Greg and helped Greg lead his life in very important ways.

Chapter 03 / 04

"If it's good for my business, it's good for my family."

Soon, not only was Greg doing his business banking at Jovia, he decided to switch his personal banking to Jovia as well. It was nice to be known. It was nice to be taken care of with competence and compassion. "They won me over with their personal approach," Greg says. "I really couldn't ask for anything more. They're so accommodating. They'll help you out with anything."

Chapter 04 / 04

A relationship that keeps expanding

Recently, Greg added a new addition to his growing list of Jovia accounts - a line of credit that really helps him manage his day-to-day cash flow. It's a degree of freedom he didn't really expect from the decision to switch financial institutions, but now he can't imagine things any other way.

Go dream big, Greg. Jovia is on your side.

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