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Digital Holiday Gifting: Securing Virtual Presents and E-cards

In today's digital age, our holiday traditions have undergone a transformation. More and more people are turning to online platforms for their gift-giving needs.

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Student Banking

How to Budget Your Money After College

Life after college can seem intimidating as it brings many firsts: first time getting a full-time job, first time having to pay back student loans and even the first-time saving money for your future.

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News | Community

Jovia Financial Credit Union, Long Island Nets and Target Team Up For Second Annual School Supply Drive

Credit Union Expands its Community Outreach and Engagement with Local Youth by Providing Education, School Supply Donations, and Financial Literacy Programs.

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Credit Card

The Benefits of Using a Credit Card

Whether you’re just starting to build credit, looking to improve your credit score, or just overall interested in learning about the benefits that a credit card offers, this article may help answer those questions.

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Student Lending

How to Repay Student Loans

As a recent college graduate, it’s probably been a whirlwind of activity since you left campus. Maybe you moved, started a job, or even got married. You might have a thought in your mind that there is something important you should be doing but can’t quite put your finger on it – until the student loan payment due notices start arriving, that is. Then panic starts to set in as you realize you have to start making those monthly payments. What do you do?

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