Jovia Financial Credit Union is giving its members education, support and financial tools to allow them to Thrive! As one of the country's top 100 credit unions, Jovia has announced the launch of its Thrive Financial Empowerment Program. Designed to assist qualified members in reaching their financial life goals, Thrive provides a comprehensive financial education platform combined with a suite of services and products created to empower members, nationwide, in their quest for financial health.

At Jovia Financial Credit Union, all members are given the tools and support they need to achieve financial well-being. Thrive takes it a step further for those who are just getting started on their financial journey such as recent college graduates or newlyweds. Thrive also assists individuals needing a second chance to restart and rebuild following life and financial challenges such as divorce, family health setbacks, credit issues, poor investment choices or loss of employment.

Jovia's Thrive Financial Empowerment Program includes products such as Share and Special Purpose Savings accounts, CareFree Checking, Credit Boost Secured Visa® Advantage Card and Jovia's Student Banking platform. These products are combined with educational support, including financial wellness videos and materials in English and Spanish. Members have access to an exclusive catalog of articles (and videos) offering expert advice on financial literacy, budgeting, online savings, homebuying, credit card management and much more.

"At Jovia Financial Credit Union, we have a long history rooted in empowering members through financial literacy and supporting their path to lifelong financial success," said Jovia Financial Credit Union's Assistant Vice President, Strategist Yasser Tatari. "We recognize that from time to time, our neighbors need a helping hand or a friendly credit union where they can go to get the answers and financial information they need to Thrive."

Thrive, with its tools, educational components, and specifically designed products, helps members build a sound financial foundation, regardless of past financial blemishes. For qualified individuals who are seeking to establish or improve credit, Thrive also provides access to emergency cash, overdraft protection and other products and services that other financial institutions do not offer to accountholders facing credit challenges.

Anyone in the United States can apply for a Carefree Checking Account with Jovia Financial Credit Union and receive customized support from financial experts based on their individual needs.

Click here to learn more about the Thrive Financial Empowerment Program. To speak with a representative, visit our Virtual Branch by accepting the "Let's Talk" button at the bottom right corner of your screen at