Budgeting Tools

Balance your budget

Let’s be straight, budgeting isn’t exactly what we call fun. But, knowing where, when, and how you spend money can make it easier to plan realistically, so when the time comes to play, you know exactly how much you can spend. Jovia’s online and mobile banking apps provide budgeting tools to help you visualize, understand, and manage your spending.

Manage Accounts

With our budgeting tools, you get a holistic view of all of your finances. Keep tabs on your accounts (even those you have with other banks), balances, and transactions in one place and start seeing your finances in a whole new way.

Clear Planning

The unified view of your finances allows you to define your spending and saving goals, and set budgets aligned with your needs, and future aspirations.

Consistent Monitoring

You can constantly monitor how well you’re doing against the goal you set to accomplish and decide if you need to change course with your spending habits along the way - all while understanding the impact your changes will have on the future.