As part of the partnership, Jovia presented the pipeline programs with a $3,000 check, to ensure that students continue to enroll in these fantastic programs and to further support diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare. More specifically, this charitable donation will help sponsor two MSPP students and cover their first year of enrollment into the MSPP program.

“I cannot thank Jovia Financial Credit Union enough for their support. This donation assures that we can continue offering this wonderful program to our pipeline students and eases the financial burden on them,” expressed Gina Granger, assistant director of pipeline programs at the Zucker School of Medicine. “I am excited for the start of this partnership and look forward to future activities together.”

Jovia Financial Credit Union is one of New York’s largest credit unions and a Top 100 Credit Union in the United States. They are committed to supporting the communities of Long Island and feel passionate about bringing people together, and therefore, the partnership with the pipeline programs at the Zucker School of Medicine makes total sense. The MSPP, now in its fourteenth year, was created to provide an educational pathway for underrepresented in medicine students from select high schools in the five New York City boroughs and Nassau County, Long Island, to enter healthcare professions. Since its inception in 2010, 253 students have been accepted into the three-year program and 133 students have graduated. While the mission of the MSPP is to expose students to careers in medicine, the program also helps them plan for their futures regardless of which career path they choose.

The CPP at the Zucker School of Medicine seeks to enhance the matriculation of underrepresented in medicine and economically-disadvantaged students to medical school. This three-year, summer-intensive, academic enrichment program is designed to provide high-achieving college students who are interested in a career in medicine a pathway to medical school. To date, 26 students have enrolled in the program and three students have been offered early admission to the Zucker School of Medicine.

As part of the new partnership, Christopher DiLeonardo, educational development officer at Jovia presented a financial literacy workshop to students in the CPP program, introducing important topics such as budgeting, maintaining good credit and overall money management to the students. This financial literacy program is not a new endeavor for the credit union. Jovia has built strong ties and relationships across Long Island with many leading organizations, both for-profit and non-profit. For 85 years, their commitment to fostering financial literacy for those living, going to school and working on Long Island has been a leading pillar of the organization. They are committed to the financial education of youth, students, adults, and families from all communities, in all financial situations and within all financial tiers, and the financial literacy program is an important step in that journey.

Jovia Financial Financial Literacy Workshop

“Supporting Hofstra’s Pipeline Program helps ensure that the best and the brightest entering the Zucker School of Medicine have the knowledge, tools and skills to effectively manage money. This includes understanding the details of a paystub, budgeting for expenses, saving money, creating an emergency fund, using credit cards wisely, maintaining good credit, avoiding financial scams, and being financially responsible,” explained Peter Purpura, Jovia Financial Credit Union, VP of Business Development. “Working with the next generation of medical professionals to solidify their financial futures exemplifies banking on the bright side with Jovia.”

For the pipeline students, the support of Jovia is an important two-fold benefit. Many students credit the pipeline programs for being a life-changing experience that helps them reach their academic and career goals, allowing them to attend their dream colleges and medical schools and pursue the careers they always dreamed of. Jovia’s donation will allow more students to enroll and experience the wonders of the pipeline programs. Additionally, as soon-to-be and current college students, financial literacy skills such as budgeting and maintaining credit, couldn’t be more important. In college, at a time when many students have their first taste of independence, they need to learn how to properly manage their money and save, so they don’t financially jeopardize their futures.

Sydney Balroop is one pipeline student who learned more about financial literacy from Jovia as part of the partnership. “I became familiar with Jovia Financial Credit Union this year because of the MSPP program. I believe that learning about financial literacy and the various skills associated with it is important because financial literacy is a vital life skill that helps individuals learn about saving and budgeting finances, which is impactful for personal and professional development,” said Balroop, who is currently enrolled in the nursing program at Hofstra University, as a result of her work through the MSPP program.

Balroop says her interest in nursing comes from her passion for helping others, and because of her desire to join the nursing community, which has a vital role in healthcare. “The last three years of being a participant in the Zucker School of Medicine MSPP program has been such a life-changing experience for me. With the help of this program, I was able to build lifelong friendships as well as get a deeper understanding of the various professions within the healthcare field,” she explained. “Mrs. Granger has been such an amazing mentor and has helped me and my peers to navigate our educational journeys. She has helped me succeed in so many aspects and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that she and the program has provided for us.”