First things first. What is a credit union?

Credit unions offer a safe place to save and borrow money by providing federally insured deposit accounts, a variety of loans, and many other financial services – just like a bank. However, unlike a bank, a credit union is a not-for-profit, member-owned organization that exists to serve its members. Additionally, members of a credit union typically share a common bond, sometimes known as the credit union’s field of membership. Depending on the credit union, you may be able join based on your employer, your family, the geographic location of where you live or work, and even membership in a group like a labor union, a place of worship or an association.

Because of this common bond, credit unions are founded on the philosophy of “people helping people” with a mission to support and promote the financial well-being of their members and the communities they serve.

When you join a credit union, not only will you become a member, but you’ll also become a shareholder or part-owner. Being a shareholder means that you will benefit from the credit union’s profits in the form of higher earnings on deposits, lower rates on loans and reduced fees.

Additionally, credit unions are known for providing personalized service and usually offer additional benefits beyond that of your typical bank. Some additional benefits you can find at your credit union may include free educational seminars and financial literacy programs, scholarships for students, discounted services, and much more to help its members and the communities they serve.

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The Jovia Difference: Becoming a Member of Our Credit Union

At Jovia, when you become a member, you join our credit union family. With dedicated member care and an array of convenient services, the team at Jovia is at your side to help save more, earn more, and achieve whatever’s next. That’s why we call it banking on the bright side.

And, we know how important it is to give our members options that work for them no matter where they are in life. Check out the accounts we offer and find which fits best for your wants and needs.

Checking Accounts

Want a checking account without the fees? With Jovia's CareFree Checking**, you can say goodbye to overdraft fees and non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees. So, if your debit card charge, online payment, or check payment exceeds your available balance, we won't hit you with a penalty fee. With this account, you'll enjoy

  • No minimum balance fees
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No overdraft fees

Looking to earn more on your balances? Our Go Green Checking, allows you to earn a special bonus rate on checking account balances up to $25,000 each month when you:

  • Spend $250 on everyday purchases (like buying groceries) using your debit card.
  • Sign up to receive paperless statements within online banking or our mobile app.
  • Deposit $100 into your checking account with direct or mobile deposit, or pay at least one bill using Bill Pay each month.
  • Plus, we’ll give you up to $20 per month in ATM rebates at non-Jovia ATMs2 when you meet these requirements each month.

Savings Accounts

Enjoy stopping into a branch for service on your accounts? Our Share Savings Account allows you to come into a branch for assistance on your accounts. Make a minimum $5 deposit here to represent your share of the credit union and take advantage of our competitive interest rates, and fee-free cash withdrawals from your savings account at 55,000+ Allpoint® Network ATMs2 worldwide.

Tech-savvy and interest go-getters will love our high-yield online-only savings account. Jovia's Online Savings Account* allows you to bank anytime anywhere, exclusively with Online and Mobile banking. When you bring money to Jovia, you'll earn a higher interest on your entire balance and no monthly fees.

Ready to bank on the bright side? You can open your Jovia Financial Credit Union account online, with our Via, our Virtual Branch, or with our call center. To prepare ahead of time, keep in mind we will need to ask you for your:

  • Name and date of birth
  • Current physical and mailing address (sorry, no P.O. Boxes)
  • Government-issued photo ID (driver's license, state-issued ID, passport) and other information that will allow us to identify you!

Jovia members can choose from a variety of deposit and loan products to help them achieve what’s next.

Deposit Products

Checking Accounts – Free checking, no minimum balance requirement, no monthly maintenance fees, and no minimum to open. 24/7 access to Online and Mobile Banking.

Money Market – A higher balance gets you a higher interest rate. As your balance increases so will your interest rate and you can still withdraw cash when you need it fee-free up to six times per month.

Certificate Account – For a safe way to grow your money, turn to a certificate. When it comes to investing with peace of mind, virtually nothing beats a Certificate account which offers short and long-term options with higher rates and a low minimum opening balance requirement.

Loan Products

Mortgages – Choose from different mortgage options including fixed, adjustable, jumbo, and no closing cost^ . Low down payment options, first-time home buyer programs and reverse mortgage options make affording a home or staying in your home even easier. Apply for a mortgage in less than 15 minutes using Jovia’s mobile-friendly application.

Home Equity – Get a fixed-rate loan, a variable rate line of credit, or a combination of both to make home repairs, pay tuition, consolidate debt or cover unexpected expenses.

Personal Loans – Cash you need – when you need it. Use a personal loan to pay bills make major purchases, to have some fun or for something completely different. Jovia offers flexible, low rates with terms up to 5 years that won’t put additional strain on your wallet.

Auto Loans – Purchase your next ride with ease and convenience. Whether you know exactly what car you’re looking for or you’re still browsing, we can help you find, research, and purchase your next vehicle with our online portal without the usual frustrations of dealership shopping. Plus, our auto loans come with great rates and flexible terms, so you can finance your car without an added strain on your wallet.

Ready to join a credit union? Open your account with Jovia today!

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. New money only. Rates on Online Savings accounts may change after the account is opened. Minimum balance to earn APY is based on a 30-day month. Fees may reduce earnings on the account.

Excess Savings Transaction fee is a Federal Reserve regulation that limits monthly withdrawals from savings accounts. Withdrawing/transferring from an Online Savings account more than six (6) times in one month will result in a fee. Other fees may apply to this account. Please refer to our fee schedule for details.

This account is an online-only account. No transactions can be completed on an Online Savings account in a Jovia branch or shared branch location. Use Jovia’s Virtual Branch, Online or Mobile Banking, and Jovia or Allpoint ATMs to make fee-free transactions.

2Allpoint® ATMs are fee-free for cash deposits and withdrawals only. Other fees may apply. For more information, please refer to our fee schedule.

3 Paperless statements are required for this account and all other Jovia accounts/products. You must register with online/mobile banking to view paperless statements.

4 Membership eligibility requirements apply. A minimum of $5 must be maintained in an Online Savings account to access all Jovia products and services.

** This checking account will not earn interest. No minimum balance requirements apply to this account. No transaction limitations apply to this account unless otherwise stated in the Common Features section. No NSF will be charged on this account. Please see our fee schedule for fees that may apply to this account.

^ Jovia Financial does not charge closing costs on the no-closing cost option. Member is still responsible for certain mortgage settlement costs. Contact the Credit Union for further information.

Jovia Financial is not the lender for any reverse mortgage product offered. Jovia Financial has a contractual agreement with third party provider to make this product available to its members for properties in New York and Florida only. By requesting this service, you are consenting that your information will be shared with a third party licensed mortgage banker/lender. Borrowers still responsible for payment of real estate taxes and insurance.